Sources of Black Money

Sources of Black Money-What are Black Money Sources-What are the Main Sources of a Black Money

In their report on the “state of unaccounted income and wealth both inside and outside the country,” the Standing Committee on Finance found that there is no good way to estimate black money in India or abroad, even though they consulted three well-known think tanks and looked at the problem from many different angles. Because of this, money is being hidden. Without permission from the government, so-called “black money” can’t be used for white-collar tasks like running a business. This page discusses sources of black money in detail.

There are various sources of black money. When the federal budget for the year is released, many businesses argue for legalizing illegal funds, but civil society, think tanks, rights groups, and well-known citizens strongly disagree. They say that if people have this choice, they will be less likely to pay their fair share of taxes and more likely to look for illegal ways to make money. Read more about the types of black money to gain greater knowledge.

Sources of Black Money

Most illegal activities create “black money,” which is money that is never reported to the government. The second type of “black money” is earnings that aren’t taxed but are still legal. Read on to discover everything there is to know about sources of black money and to become a subject matter expert on it.

Tax Havens

In countries with low tax rates, expats are not taxed. People often don’t pay their taxes, so they set up “shell” companies in these places. The most common sources of black money is the black market or underground economy.

Illegal Activities

Sources of black money refer to the illegal means through which individuals generate and accumulate wealth. Some of the crimes that fall into this category are theft, robbery, kidnapping and extortion, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and blackmail, and paying off public officials.

Non-profit Organizations

They get tax breaks because people appreciate what they do for charity. Because of these tax breaks, many people don’t pay their taxes. When SHGs don’t say where their donations come from, it can lead to money laundering.

Out of Book Transaction

If you are just starting out, this is the best way to make money quickly and not get caught. By not giving customers invoices and receipts, they are keeping more money out of the tax system.

Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

There is now a black market for debit and credit cards from outside the country. Deception Criminals are getting more and more interested in legal businesses. Get money, or do something white.

Creating Black Money Techniques

Black money can come from doing shady business or hiding legitimate income. We will deal with all illegal, immoral, and wrong things in this way. In cases of not following the rules or avoiding taxes on legal income, another option is to not report or declare activities and their income.

But if the generator breaks the law or refuses to follow the rules, the government may go after them and take their cut. Because of this, it is usually okay to use accounting and financial records to make illegal money.

Money Transfers to Benami Entities

A “Benami” transaction happens when one person gives or holds property for another person, but the second person doesn’t pay anything toward the item’s value.

Bullion and Jewelry Market

The buyer can invest black money in gold and bullion, while the dealer can hide their wealth in unrecorded or undervalued stock.

Public Procurement

The size, range, number of options, and complexity of government purchases have all grown by a lot. The Competition Commission of India says that the amount of money spent on public contracts in India each year is between 10 and 11 lakh crore.

Real estate

Because the value of real estate is going up, stamp duty and capital gains tax on real estate transactions may make people less likely to report the full price of a transaction.

Mixed Sales

Since it is hard to find illegal money, it is common for legal businesses that deal with a lot of money to mix it with legal money.


This is a much cheaper way to send money than going through a bank. To keep conversations secret, people use a set of codes and contacts.

Trade Mispricing

Illegal trade and smuggling of goods is also one of the significant sources of black money. Changing the price difference between exports and imports was a common way to launder money. The OECD says that it’s easy to change or fake invoices in today’s technological world. Estimating the black money amount in any Economy is exceedingly difficult.

The main goal is to make money legally while keeping taxable gains to a minimum (which can be termed as tax envision). Unaccounted-for cash flows can happen when people don’t pay their income or goods taxes. High tax rates, low fines, a lack of respect for authority, and the state of the economy make tax cheating easier.

When taxes are too high, most people try not to pay them. One of the major sources of black money is corruption, where individuals receive bribes or engage in illegal practices to gain money.

More people don’t pay their taxes because they don’t respect the government and the law. Politicians who don’t pay their taxes send the wrong message about what it means to break the law, and weak punishments might encourage it. Dirty money is a side effect of economic freedom and globalization. Our already struggling country loses even more money because of how international corporations change transfer prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Responsible for Black Money?

Criminals, smugglers, hoarders, people who don’t pay taxes, and others who want to stop theft save black money. Writ petitions to the Supreme Court are worth an estimated 900 lakh crores, while criminals have saved up 22,000 crores for their own purposes.

What are Black Money Sources?

Most illegal money is made in the shadow economy. On the black market, you can buy and sell illegal drugs, weapons, terrorist acts, and even people.

Is Black Money Responsible for Inflation?

It has a big impact on the economy of the whole country. When the central bank doesn’t stop making new money, inflation goes up. The value of money will go down. The use of black money reduces the legitimacy of a country.


Even when the government tries hard, people always find a way to get around the rules. This makes it harder and harder to see progress in this area. We’re going to take a look at the sources of black money and discuss related matters in this topic.

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