Money Plant Vastu – Top Factors to Consider

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One of the most popular indoor plants in India is the money plant. The money plant’s heart-shaped leaves give the room a touch of lush luxury without bringing any dirt or dust with them. The money plant, known for its ability to clean the air, also looks nice as a houseplant. People say that the money plant gives everlasting friendship because its leaves look like hearts. Continue reading to become an expert on money plant vastu and learn everything you should know about it.

Vastu Shastra considers the money plant to be lucky. As per Vastu experts, keeping it in the east direction of the house attracts positive energy and wealth. They also say that placing a money plant in the living room or office brings good fortune and prosperity.

Money Plant Vastu

Read more about how to grow money plant in water to learn more about it. As succulents, money plants can be a great way to decorate your home. Radiation can come from laptop computers, TVs, and other electronic devices. This material can soak up all of that radiation.

One of the best things about money plants is that they can remove harmful gases like carbon monoxide from the air. You can make money by growing some plants in an aquarium. This plant filters out nitrates, which are harmful to fish, when it is in the water. Check out these money plant vastu to broaden your horizons.

Incorporate Greens and Blues

Green and blue, often associated with peace, nature, and harmony, tend to evoke a sense of calmness in people. If you want to bring peace and harmony into your home and strengthen your relationships, it’s a great idea to combine the positive energy of your money plants with the calmness of these colours.

To make a fun atmosphere, put cuttings from hanging money plants in blue and green bottles and line them up on a window sill or balcony. According to vastu, a money plant placed in the east or north direction of a room can bring positive energy and prosperity.

Advice for Indoor Money Plant

Grow your money plants inside instead of outside for the best harvest. It can grow in a bottle or some other closed space. When you grow a money plant outside, you must make sure it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight.

Put it somewhere cool and out of the sun. Vastu says that a money plant is more likely to bring wealth into the home if it has a lot of leaves on display. If you follow the Vastu rules for money plants, which say to grow a plant with dense leaves, you can be financially successful.

Place your money plants outside your house, condo, or other place where you live. Vastu Shastra says that you should never put a money plant outside because it should always be protected from the weather.

You can put it anywhere along your property line, inside or outside. Apartment’s It’s likely that the end of a flat is where the window sill starts. It’s amazing how many good feelings can be picked up from the building.

Money Plant’s Vastu Direction

According to Vastu, you need to have a clear idea of which way you should plant your money. Don’t put money plants in the north, east, or northeast. Doing so could cost you money, cause fights, or even hurt your health. You can find these landmarks in the north-eastern corner of the map.

If Venus and Jupiter, which rule the northeast sector together, can’t get along, it could cause money problems. Money plant vastu also states that the plant should be placed on a raised platform, such as a table or shelf, to maximize its positive effects.

Keep a Money Plant Indoors

Additionally, Vastu suggests that to fully reap the benefits, you should bring your money plant inside. Furthermore, people believe that the owner of a well-cared-for money plant will experience increased financial prosperity. Moreover, one of the most apparent benefits of the money plant is its ability to regulate indoor humidity and elevate air temperature.

De-clutter Your Home

Furthermore, it is crucial to eliminate clutter if you desire a harmonious energy flow and wish to avoid any issues in your home. Moreover, make sure that nothing blocks your path and that you don’t position the plant in a corner.

Money plant vastu believes that the presence of money plants in your home increases happiness and wealth. Money plant vastu believes that the money plant brings prosperity, good luck and positivity to your home.


Because they like high humidity, money plants don’t take much work to take care of. According to the principles of Vastu shastra, keeping a money plant in the bathroom doesn’t have any bad effects.

A bathroom with windows or skylights that let in light is easier to keep clean. Vastu also states that the money plant should not be placed in the bathroom or kitchen, as these areas are associated with waste and pollution.


According to Vastu rules for the bedroom, the money plant should be on the left or right side of the bed, but never near the headrest or footrest. Studies have shown that placing money plants in the bedroom can reduce the frequency of fights between partners and improve sleep quality.

Living Room

In addition, people believe that placing a money plant in the southeast corner of the living room will attract wealth and good luck. Lord Ganesha, the god of luck and wealth, and Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, preside over this part of the compass, as said. Money plant vastu suggests that it should be placed in the living room or office to attract wealth and success.

Before you can enjoy everything your money plant can do for your home, you need to find the best place for it. As part of the Hindu religion, people who believe in Vastu think that if they build their homes, according to the rules set out by the god Ganesha, they will be lucky and successful. It is recommended in vastu that the money plant should be placed near a window to receive ample natural light.

Say no to Red

Do not put the plant near red trash cans, mixer-grinders, washing machines, or other surfaces that are red. The kitchen and its things attract money loss and other bad luck.

Water it Often

Moreover, if you don’t take care of a money plant and don’t water it enough, it will only bring you misery and bad luck. And by bad luck, we mean a situation where money isn’t stable.

To keep it looking its best, look for signs that its leaves are getting dry or wilting. Furthermore, the plant must not touch the ground at all costs. You can cut off dead or dying parts of the plant, but you still need to take care of it properly.

Towards the Corners

Moreover, according to Vastu, sharp edges in a space can emit stress and unfavorable energy. As a result, experts recommend positioning money plants in the corners of the room to counteract adverse effects and decrease stress in the home. It is believed in vastu that having a money plant in the bedroom can lead to financial stability and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Life of Money Plant?

If you provide enough light, water, plant food and take good care of them, Chinese money plants can live for up to ten years. By taking care of yourself, you can make your life even longer. People think that the Chinese Money Plant can live for more than twenty years, which would make it the oldest known plant of its kind.

Where should I Place my Money Tree Indoors?

Money trees like bright light that comes from the side. Put yours near a bright window instead of right in front of one. Too much light causes burnt leaves, so if the leaves of a plant turn brown, it needs shade. Excessive light exposure can burn plants, just as sunburn affects humans.

Instead, the plant isn’t getting enough light if its leaves are turning yellow. Keep the plant away from areas with frequent temperature changes and strong winds to protect it from adverse conditions.

How many Money Plants can you Kept at Home?

Both Feng Shui experts and scientists agree that having a plant near your computer, TV, or WiFi network can make your experience with those things better. It makes you feel better! Putting a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress, as shown. Additionally, it can also help resolve conflicts and prevent disagreements from arising due to sleep deprivation.


NASA research from 1989 found that houseplants like the money plant (also called Devil’s Ivy, Epipremnum aureus, Pothos, and many other common names) helped remove benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air. Common household items contain benzene. It can hurt bone marrow cells and cause anaemia. Some of these are paints, wax for furniture, cleaners, and glues.

Most people get the idea that these things are safe to use. Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical that is found in cigarette smoke, carpets, and kerosene heaters. It is also known to cause leukaemia. We’re going to take a look at the money plant vastu and discuss related matters in this topic.

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