How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling?

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling-Tips-Proven Ways to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling Products

There are many ways to make money on Amazon without having to sell anything. There is no need to store anything, advertise it, or send it anywhere. Here are a few easy ways to make money right away on Amazon. Through the Video Assess Program, creators can get paid to review products on Amazon. It’s the same as starting a blog where you review products with videos, like an Amazon reviewer. This page discusses how to make money on amazon without selling in detail.

Moreover, despite the company’s apparent success, a lot of people don’t realize how risky it can be to sell something on Amazon. High investment costs and a lot of competition make it hard to make a profit, as millions of people use the platform to shop at the world’s biggest online bazaar for things like food and electronics every day.

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling?

Some things are sold by Amazon itself, while others are sold by third-party sellers. Amazon will host your store on their site if you pay them a fee. This means that Amazon can sell almost anything. How can a regular Joe or Jane make money on Amazon if they don’t have something to sell? You can, of course.

There are different ways to do it. The way that is talked about in this article is just one of many options. This is without a doubt the easiest and most well-known way to make money on Amazon. how to make money on amazon without selling will be covered in-depth in this article, along with various examples for your convenience.

Amazon Affiliate

If you shop on Amazon often, you might already know that the products sold through Amazon’s affiliates are good and popular. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to buy it. Have you ever thought about becoming an Amazon partner? Amazon Associates could make money without doing anything. With the Amazon affiliate programme, you can make money if you have a large audience on your website, blog, online community, or online forum. Just suggest things from Amazon that belong in a certain category.

Amazon Service

Amazon’s services aren’t as popular as the company’s products, since they only make up 15-20% of sales. Sharing your earnings is a good way to get known by more people is a good way to make money on amazon without selling. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up for Amazon Prime.

After the service is done, you have to pay a certain amount of the total bill. The amount depends on the type of service done. Everything related to business, education, pets, events, health, home maintenance, and more. The Amazon Services team is happy to work with both freelancers and established companies.

Amazon Influencers

Amazon also has an affiliate programme called Amazon Influencers, which works separately from Amazon Affiliate. Basically Amazon Influencers sell things on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and make money on Amazon without selling. Amazon Affiliates, on the other hand, sell things on their own websites and blogs.

Once you’ve been accepted as an Amazon influencer, you’ll get a link to your own Amazon page where you can show off the products you want your followers to know about. If your followers click on your links and then buy something, you will get a commission. Find out what people want, and then give them what they want.

Online Survey Companies

Many businesses hire specialised survey organisations to do their market research so they can better serve their clients. In this field of study, researchers could look at programmes, businesses, or even individual services. Most of the time, the rewards are cash or Amazon gift cards. Even if you don’t use, you can still make money from Amazon without selling.


Online advertising can be helpful even if it doesn’t bring in money right away. If a lot of people visit your website, you can make money from it by putting ads on it. Many bloggers who are just starting out start with Google AdSense because it is the best-known and easiest to use (there are exceptions).

I was able to start my own business because of Google AdSense. AdSense costs bloggers money and wastes their time. It is possible to make money from advertising on a blog. If I had to start over, I might not include ads. Once you have 10,000 page views per month, you can join a big ad network. To apply for the jobs that pay the most, you need a lot of traffic.

Customer Service Associates

Amazon cares a lot about its customers. So, their skilled Customer Service staff helps people from more than 130 countries in a total of 16 languages. You can always find temporary or seasonal work if you don’t want to work full time.

You can narrow down your search for a customer service job at Amazon by choosing from a number of options, such as the type of job you want, the location you prefer, the country, the state, and the city. Technicians at Amazon might make $20 per hour, while customer service reps make an average of $16.

Make Money Via Amazon Mturk

Mechanical Turk is a no-brainer if you want to make money on Amazon without selling anything. The site connects people who are looking for work with companies that need dependable, flexible workers. Employees can now choose their own work and schedules from anywhere in the world. Any of the tasks you can do can be done quickly and easily, so you can make money with little work.

Tasks can be very different. Writing, transcribing, evaluating search results, and entering data are all common examples. It’s a creative way for people looking for work to make money on Amazon without really selling anything. Because the website is so popular, the people who work there are paid pretty well for their temporary work.

Product Reviews

All Amazon sellers must have reviews of their products. Since Amazon’s search results are based on customer reviews, vendors must provide verified feedback before they can list their products. If you

know how to write honest reviews, you could ask other vendors to do them for you. You can send the seller a direct message on Instagram or Amazon. Most vendors give you a lot of money for your feedback. Some stores may give away free items in exchange for feedback.


Use a free service like Buy Me a Coffee to let people who read your blog pay you small amounts. With this widget, people who read your blog can buy you a cup of coffee or give you money.

In a pay-per-use economy, people can now pay for what they use and leave tips. You can put it anywhere, like on the homepage, in every post, in the sidebar, etc. Adding a “donate” button makes it easy for people to give money to your site without feeling like they have to.

Amazon Vine

In other words, every dollar you save is a dollar you make. During pandemics, we all need to pull together. People who review things on Amazon Vine get free stuff in exchange for their comments.

To get into Amazon Vine, you need an invite. What, no invitation to Amazon’s Vine service? Use one of the many other trustworthy Amazon Rebate Sites to save even more money. I think that both buyers and sellers can benefit from rebate websites.

Trading In

Furthermore, gift cards from Amazon provide a simple way to make money without having to sell anything. By trading in items you don’t want or need, you can receive this card and then swap it for media, appliances, and other things on Amazon’s Trade-in page. Additionally, users can also trade gift cards for cash on Cardpool, which could potentially save money if used to buy something from Amazon.

Amazon Flex

Amazon takes care of most of our orders. The Amazon Flex drivers may have brought packages to your house or neighbourhood. If you have auto insurance, you can join Amazon Flex and start making money. Drivers for Amazon Flex can choose their own hours and only take on deliveries they want to do. They can make between $18 and $25 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Amazon FBA Make you Rich?

Businesses can use Amazon’s large logistics network through FBA. If you work hard enough, you can get rich. You can count on Amazon. Customers like Amazon because the company is reliable, easy to use, and has good return policies.

Can we Really Earn Money from Amazon without Selling?

It’s easy to make money as an Amazon affiliate without selling. Use social media and online video sites like your website, Facebook page, landing page, Instagram stories, and YouTube description to promote Amazon’s products. You can make money when your subscribers, followers, and friends use your Amazon Affiliate link to buy something.

How can I Make Money from Amazon at Home?

A programme like Amazon’s affiliate programme is a simple way to make money. If you’re interested, you could join a company that specializes in affiliate marketing. Then it will be easy to link the product descriptions and prices on your site or blog. Get paid to write about products you use.

By doing this, you tell other Amazon users about the product so they can think about buying it. You can earn commissions by making product videos for Amazon and sharing them on your website or social media. Check out the ways below to see how you can make money from home with Amazon.


I know everything there is to know about Amazon’s affiliate programme. I’ve had both good and bad outcomes. Like everything else in life, your salary is directly linked to how hard you work. If you put in the time and effort to learn about how to get traffic and do affiliate marketing, you can do better than you could have ever imagined. Check out these how to make money on amazon without selling to broaden your horizons. You can also read how to earn money from amazon for more knowledge.

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