Functions of Business

Functions of Business-What are the Functions of Business

There are many ways that products and services are made. A product is made when people, money, and materials are well coordinated. The Manufacturing Manager is responsible for highly efficient, streamlined, mechanized, and specialized mass production. Check out these functions of business to enhance your knowledge.

In today’s economy, both businesses and consumers depend on the products and services offered by private businesses. The company’s overall goals determine what each division has to do. If you want to move up the corporate ladder, it helps to know how businesses work. Read objectives of business for more information.

Functions of Business

Providing information about the IT infrastructure of a business. Transaction processing systems (TPS) are the most important part of MRSs, DSSs, and EISs, which help managers and executives do their jobs. TPSs are the main way that higher-level systems get information. This foundation also includes office information systems (OIS) and professional support systems (PSS) for knowledge work. This article will cover the functions of business in-depth and provide various examples for your convenience.

Finance Function

The department of finance must choose one of the three options below and carry them out correctly: Choosing where to put your money (financial planning, capital budgeting, etc.) (ii) choices about money, like capital structure (both fixed and working capital, both short-term and long-term) and dividends. The organisation handles institutional and major shareholders, as well as risk management, raising capital, and buying back shares on the financial markets.

Customer Service

When a company has a customer service department, that group is in charge of taking care of the customers. Customers come to them with questions, make purchases, get refunds, and have problems.

They have to deal with all of this, so they need to be good with people, communicate well, solve problems, have empathy, and be patient. Customer service reps can now help customers in person, over the phone, and through electronic means.


The company’s main business is making things. During this process, various parts such as computer motherboards, cell phone cases, engine blocks, and TV screens are utilized. Services, like education and health care, are intangible and have value based on how they make people feel or where they are in time.

We are reminded of operations function every time we talk to someone on the phone, read a book, or watch a movie. When there are enough materials and enough customers want them, the company is doing well. A business can incur losses if it maintains too much or too little of something. Therefore, operations management must keep track of supply chains and collaborate with sales and marketing teams to fulfill customer demands.

Marketing Function

Marketing sells products and services, allowing both consumers and producers to get what they want. So, through marketing, ownership moves from the producers to the buyers.

Human Resources

Human resources firms and departments do searches, interviews, offer perks with the job, manage employee performance and relationships, make company policies, and make the workplace a good place to work.

The responsibilities of human resources include investigating claims, resolving disputes, and ensuring that the workplace adheres to federal, state, and local laws. The primary functions of business include marketing, operations, human resources, and finance.


Putting up for sale the goods of the company. Direct selling, social networking, sales promotions, and guerilla marketing are less expensive ways to advertise than on TV and the Internet.

While human resources is primarily responsible for investigating and resolving workplace disputes, it is equally important that they ensure that the workplace complies with federal, state, and local laws.

Human Resource Function

Human resources is in charge of dealing with problems with staff. This is good for the productivity of people in an organization. The HR department is in charge of finding and keeping good employees, as well as motivating them to work well together to reach the company’s goals.

Information Technology

Software, computer systems, and hardware are all types of information creation and management technologies. The IT department sets up and takes care of all the technology used for communication and security.

This includes the internet, digital networks, and cloud storage. They help workers set up office technology for the first time. IT departments often perform tasks such as building websites and keeping in touch with clients.

Research and Development

Most of the time, R&D departments or companies are what drive innovation. Organizations can add more products and make more money by doing market research, analyzing their competitors, spotting trends, coming up with new products, and trying new things in business.

Research and development (R&D) companies and departments know a lot about the market and are good at analyzing it. A lot of IT companies put money into their research and development (R&D) departments or groups so they can make and sell cutting-edge products before their competitors do.

Importance of Business Function

The language and structure of “business functions” make it possible to look at business processes in an organization as a whole. The company spells out its main jobs. Within an organization, different departments are in charge of different tasks. There’s no doubt that these jobs are different from each other.

Role of Business Functions

The business needs to coordinate and keep all its parts under control because they all affect each other. Certain departments or functions in the business are responsible for achieving maximum productivity. Accordingly, each part is very important. Consequently, if a necessary step is missing or broken, no work can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Business Functions Work Together?

The way a business works is very important to its success. It’s important to work together. People working together and talking to each other are necessary to reach organizational goals. Even though each department has its own goals, those goals must support the business’s overall mission.

How Many Functions does a Business have?

No matter what kind of organization it is (private, public, or non-profit), how big it is, or how much money it has, it needs to do three things to run smoothly. Three main things build a business: its operations, its finances, and its marketing.

Why is Cross-Functional Collaboration Crucial for Businesses?

The amount made goes up. Companies that have a strong culture of working together tend to do better. Each division’s work is going toward the same goal.


Information systems rarely work on their own. The best way to serve customers is to make sure that the services they use are as tightly connected as possible. Customers want their orders to be filled quickly and often just in time. They also want their orders to be inspected to their standards, offered on flexible financing terms, serviced after delivery, and included in the design of the product. Continue reading to become an expert in functions of business and learn everything you can about it.

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