Top 12 Ways – Earn Money by Data Entry

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The first step to getting a data entry job from home is to find a company that is hiring. Many companies offer data entry jobs, so there is a lot of competition for them. If at first you don’t find what you’re looking for, try again. Contact any of the following companies if you want to work there. Next, check out the online job boards. I’ve listed a few of them below. Your application process could involve a test of your skills, a phone or video interview, or both. You can switch to freelancing if you already have a job. Some businesses only hire freelancers for one project at a time, while others need freelancers all the time. We will go over the earn money by data entry in detail in this article.

Data entry clerks put together information from many different sources for many businesses. Companies pay well for data entry jobs that people do on the side. Most of the time, these jobs start at the entry level. Data entry can be boring and poorly paid, even if you have a lot of experience or can work from home. You could think about doing transcription work. Since both entering data and transcribing require accurate keying, some people see the two tasks as related. If you’re thinking about becoming a stenographer, this online course might help answer some of your questions. Read more about online surveys to earn money to learn more about it.

Top 12 Ways – Earn Money by Data Entry

Data entry jobs can be done from home. Additionally, you can do your work from anywhere. Several businesses serve this market of people who want to work from home. People who work in this field could be from anywhere, like Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, the US, or the UK. Check out these earn money by data entry to enhance your knowledge.

Make Corrections

If you know the language well, you can fix the mistake in the text. Grammar and spelling were all wrong. Microsoft Word can catch most spelling and grammar mistakes, but sometimes it gets confused and needs to be checked by a person. To be good at editing, you need to know a lot about how to use language. They will get paid well.

Online Form Filling

A lot of the time, businesses need to scan in their well-organized paper files. In order to do this, they will hire you and give you a lot of forms to fill out about customers. Take some time to read through these online forms and fill them out correctly. Additionally, there’s a chance you’ll have to fill out a web form with information that you made up. This is how you fill a database with information that doesn’t matter.

Document Formatting

There is no need to type information for these jobs. You get a document in its unfinished state and have to clean it up (in Microsoft Word, perhaps). A lot of data entry tasks, like transcribing, involve entering data that is not in the right format. Trying to format a simple document? You can choose how a paragraph is aligned, how big the font is, what colour it is, and what style it is.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription takes a lot of time, just like the transcription of visual images. However, the only thing that goes into audio transcription is listening to an audio file and writing down what is heard. To do this, you need to train your ear to tell the difference between different accents.

Even if you speak English well, you have to make subtitles for movies, documentaries, and TV shows when you do audio transcription. Audio transcription data entry jobs are available in any language you speak. Jobs in data entry and audio transcription pay well because they require good listening skills.

Email Processing

There are many different email marketing jobs that you can find online, and it’s convenient to work from home. Moreover, it is the part of the data entry business that pays the most. Every day, your job requires you to file hundreds of emails. Before you can understand what is in an email, you have to read it. Email marketing jobs that you can do from home and pay you to write emails.

Basic Data Entry

Last but not least, look for jobs that require you to enter data. People use scanners to read books, magazines, and documents, and then type them into a computer. For these kinds of projects, you can make $2 per page. Some businesses feel more at ease with a pay-per-word system.

Data entry work can only be a career for people who are very good at typing. There were ways to enter data online. I hope that this advice helps. Provide details on any comparable data entry opportunities. In the same way, I’d like you to tell me more about your previous jobs.

Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting is the most relaxing kind of work you can do from home. Additionally, it is the best way for college students, retirees, and stay-at-home moms to make money online quickly. You can copy and paste information between documents in this area. Most of the time, either Word or Excel are used for this process. To read and understand everything you care about, you need to be good at English.

Image Transcription

To finish a transcription, you have to type out text from an image. Humans are much better at turning photos into text than optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. Because OCR software for other languages isn’t as good as it is for English, it’s easier to find similar jobs in languages other than English. How much you get paid to transcribe images depends on the language and how good the images are.

If not many people are willing to transcribe the language and can read it, you can expect to get paid more. Also, if the scanned image is hard to see, you might get paid more. If you can type for image transcription and data entry, you can make $1,000 a month.

Fill Captcha

Captcha is probably something that many of you have seen but don’t really know what it is. Most online forms ask you to type in numbers or letters that are all mixed up. This keeps things safe by stopping bots from making mistakes. Scripts cannot read and fill in captchas, so people do it instead.

For a data entry job that uses a captcha, you’ll need to fill out a form and, of course, solve the captcha. How much money can you make by filling out captchas? Depending on how much time and work you put into it, filling out captchas can give you between $400 and $500 a month.

Payroll Data Entry Operator

The first step in entering payroll data into Excel is to make a list of employees and their relevant information, such as name, address, pay rate, benefits, and so on. You type in information about products, like a person who works at a catalogue data entry desk.

Catalog Data Entry Operator

Entering data is a breeze. Catalog data entry workers often use Excel to make a list of database items. Furthermore, in these databases, you can find things like the serial numbers, names, codes, expiration dates, prices, and more, and put them right into an Excel spreadsheet.

Medical Transcriptionist

Another popular work-at-home job is medical transcription. Type your notes from listening to the audio files into a Word file. Compared to data entry, it’s not the same. Listening carefully and being able to write down ideas quickly are important skills for this job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rule of Data Entry Operator?

Collects and sorts paperwork to be entered into a computer. This document shows that the information has been received. Boosts the original information. Keyboards, recorders, and scanners help turn information on paper into a digital format.

What are the Four Types of Data Entry?

There are many different ways to enter data. Formatting, converting, and transcribing are important online tasks that go beyond the basics. A specialist takes the information from the readout and puts it into the computer programme.

Is Data Entry Hard for Beginners?

Even though the work is straightforward, one needs to do it with accuracy and dependability. Data entry clerks are in charge of making sure the company’s database is up to date.


Information is important for starting new businesses, working on government projects, and growing businesses. Furthermore, it’s true that huge amounts of data can rule the business world. Many huge companies grew very quickly because of the information in their huge databases. Read on to learn more about earn money by data entry and become the subject matter expert on it.

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