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She sent samples of the plant to different botanists for two years before she found out what it was called. The Milwaukee Botanic Garden says it is a Pilea peperomioides, which is a tropical plant commonly called the Chinese Money Plant. Even though it was a great houseplant with round, shiny leaves that did well with little light, it got away from Logee and was taken out of the Logee Collection. In this article, we will cover the chinese money plant along with equivalent matters around the topic.

Pilea pepermioides, also called the Chinese Money Plant, is a lucky plant that people believe will bring them money and success. Its history can be traced back to the southwest of China. The pilea peperomioides at Logee’s has a little bit of history behind it. Joy Logee Martin went on several trips in the 1980s to collect plants. She once came back from one of her walks with a strange green plant that didn’t have a name tag. Because there was no Internet, Joy had to go out of her way to find out what kind of plant she had added to the Logee collection.

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant, or Pilea peperomioides, is a type of flowering plant that grows only in Yunnan province in southwest China. It is also called the UFO plant, the missionary plant, the pancake plant, the lefse plant, and just pilea.

The lefse plant is also called the pancake plant, the UFO plant, and the missionary plant. In the 1940s, a Norwegian missionary named Agnar Espegren is said to have brought cuttings back to Norway and given them to friends and family. People spread cuttings of these plants all over Scandinavia and the rest of the world, which is how they got there in the first place. In this article, we will cover the chinese money plant along with equivalent matters around the topic.

Propagation is Possible

No need to worry if you don’t know what this word means. The process of making new plants from old ones is called “propagation.” The money plant tends to grow quickly, which helps it spread.

If you pay attention to it and do everything by the book, it shouldn’t be too hard to grow your own money plant from stem cuttings in water, a pot, or soil. You can even make new plants by cutting off the stems and growing them in a jar to give to your friends and family.

Positive Environment

It is well known that the plant can keep the area around us calm and healthy. Several studies have shown that it has the ability to make any place feel much better. If you choose this path, you can feel more calm, happy, relaxed, and able to concentrate. This increases output and productivity as a bonus.

Purifies the Air

Another area where the Chinese Money Plant shines is in making the air we breathe better. It removes dangerous gases and particles from the air, making it safer and more pleasant to breathe in your home.

You should know that the benefits of the Chinese Money plant listed above are the most important ones. In addition to giving you health and money, they add a nice splash of colour to your life. When you add them to your home, office, or place of work, the results will surprise you.

Choose the Right Pot

When choosing a pot for your money plant, you should choose one that is about the right size and has holes on the bottom so that it can drain properly.

This will also help keep the roots from rotting, which can happen when there is too much water in the pot. Fig & Bloom will deliver an established money plant in a modern porcelain pot with feet (120mm diameter) to you.


To give you an example, if you don’t water a Chinese Money plant enough, the leaf will droop and get limp. Lack of water has made the stems weak enough that they can’t hold the leaves up anymore. To keep the Chinese Money plant healthy, you need to water it just enough so that the soil is always slightly damp. You could dig a hole and stick your finger in it to prove this.

You should never let the Chinese money plant get completely dry. No, not even when it’s freezing outside! During the growing season, you need to water the Chinese Money plant once a week. As we move toward winter, it’s possible that the number will go down. Which one do you think is the most important? Give small amounts of water often instead of one big one.

Health Benefits

Using the Chinese money plant helps treat stress and anxiety because it creates a calming atmosphere. Because of this, a Chinese Money plant is energising just to have around the house. It might charm you without you even trying.

Plant Nutrition

The Chinese Money plant puts in a lot of work all year long. In the spring, it has to make new leaves. This makes it clear that the plant needs to take in more food. There is a method called “plant nutrition” that can be used to give plants these things. Every two weeks is a good time to feed plants.

From the start of spring until the end of autumn. After fall and all through winter, it’s best not to give your plants any extra food. If the Chinese Money plant doesn’t get the care it needs, too much fall fertiliser can hurt it.

Light Preference

Place your Chinese money plant where it will get bright light, preferably from the south or west, where it will get both direct and indirect sunlight. Because of where it is, this plant will be in light and warmth for long periods of the day, which will help its leafy parts do photosynthesis well.


The Chinese Money plant grows best in a place that gets a lot of light. The plant does best in bright light that comes from the side. The Chinese Money plant does best next to a window that faces west or east. You can also think about places in the south. At least two metres must separate the plant from the window.

A place near the north probably doesn’t have enough light. You should sometimes act like you care about the Chinese Money plant. The plant spreads its leaves out to get the most sunlight. If you don’t turn the plant, it will only grow leaves on one side and won’t be able to grow to its full size.

Colors and Supes

Chinese money plants are easy to spot because their leaves are flat and round. Glossy, leathery, thick, and dark green pancakes sit on long, thin, and reddish stalks.

This is why the plant is also called a pancake plant. Even though they don’t sound very tasty, you can’t deny that they are beautiful to look at. This strange plant can grow to be about 40 cm tall, and as it gets older, its stems will start to twist and turn.

Trim Dry Leaves

How you prune your plant is completely up to you, but you should get rid of any leaves that are getting dry or have already died. Before you prune your Money Plant, remove any extra growth from the base of the stem with clean, sharp scissors.

Clean with Care

When you prune your money plant or do anything else to take care of it, you must be very careful because the leaves are so fragile. If you mist the plant often, dust won’t build up on it, but if the leaves are very dirty, you should wipe them with a damp cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chinese Money Plants need Big Pots?

When you repot a Chinese money plant, choose a new pot that is only an inch or two bigger around than the one it was in before. The plant can then begin to grow in its new place. Every two years, you should repot your Pilea. If it was growing in a pot that was 6 inches across, you should now use a pot that is 8 inches across, and so on. Take it out of its old pot and separate the roots carefully.

How to make my Chinese Money Plant bushier?

If you trim your Money Plant, it will look more full and bushy. If you don’t, the trailing stems will keep making it look like the plant isn’t as strong as it really is. Money plants often have a sparse, unruly look and few leaves because they can grow in places with little light. Use pruning shears to cut off the Money Plant’s infected or dead leaves and stems.

How long do Chinese Money Plants Llive?

If you want your money plant to last the full 10 years, treat it with the respect it deserves. You need to give this plant enough sunlight, water it when it needs it, keep it at a comfortable temperature all year, and give it the nutrients it needs to grow into a strong and healthy specimen.


Read on money plant care for more information to help you comprehend the topic. It is important to give your plant the care it needs so that the beautiful round leaves look as good as new. It’s safe to say that for this plant to grow well, it needs a lot of direct sunlight. During the summer, though, you need to be extra careful not to leave it in a place where it will get direct sunlight. Keep him near a good light source, like a window with sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight and dust on leaves. Thin and tall growth is a sign of insufficient light. We’ll look at the chinese money plant and talk about the related topics in this area.

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